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Tracking Your Project’s Progress

As the submission deadlines are about to approach, students often find themselves in a panic stage when it comes to the OBU research projects. A typical candidate will start doubting the work carried out on the project so far. Here is a list of guidelines to help you figure out if you are right on track or not.

  1. Are you clear on your RAP Title? and Do you understand what your title requires from you in terms of the research?
  2. Have you shortlisted some genuine research objective and questions?
  3. Are your shortlisted research objectives linking with your RAP Title?
  4. Have you figured out your research approaches? and Are there techniques your are following to reach your objective?
  5. Are you done with your part 1 and part 2 of the project as per the OBU guidelines?
  6. Have your started with your ratio analysis exercise?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, find your self at ease as you are on the right track. For those who have not yet figured out their answers to the above questions, take a pace, do the research and remember you have one month left before the first submission date. Good Luck with the research.

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