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We love Solving Problems in Learning.

Our vision is to assess Training needs, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative tools that solves the problems in learning. Most Importantly, we keep it simple and user friendly.

This is the story behind building MYLMS, our customized Training System, developed with the vision to help train our Trainee(s) who enroll in our Training Courses.  


We focus on skills.

We know our core strengths and we want our Trainee(s) to know theirs. MYLMS offers trainee(s) a live learning exposure, eliminating learning doubts during your training. Forget about missed training, lack of notes or even missing out on what the Trainer said. Access to MYLMS offers overcoming all these doubts.


Focused on design that offers interactive videos, lectures and quizzes, a seamless training experience.


Provides question practice with a dedicated Trainer. Experience real-time practice with marking and feedback from your Trainer.


Experience extensive training through CBE Mocks, Test Banks with access to detailed reports on performance and improvement recommendations.

Want to know more about MYLMS?

We are proud of our work.

MYLMS has been created with the purpose of giving autonomy to our Trainee(s), improving the administration of Training processes, encouraging collaboration and facilitation communication between our Trainers & Trainee(s).

MYLMS offers the possibility for trainers to create learning methodologies that awakens curiosity of trainee(s) throughout interactive content that can expand their knowledge.

Studying Your Professional Certification Exams in Kuwait?

Check out our Partner Company in Kuwait using MYLMS and changing the Training Platform in the region.