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Mentee’s OBU Topic- The Ever Challenging Topic 19

Did you know that for years, academic studies maintained mergers and acquisition (M&A) deals destroyed shareholder value (Delta, 2009). A very interesting fact indeed and that is what got the interest of our recent graduate from ACCA-OBU for her RAP research project. 

mytuitions offers five coach classes on the OBU-ACCA RAP’s Topic of 19-Mergers & Acquisition. The idea of the coach class is to help you overcome the weaknesses you might have in knowledge area and in practical understanding of the topic.

Our Mentee and ACCA student ‘Anum Hafeez from Kuwait choose to do her OBU Project on the ever challenging Topic 19. The project was ‘An analysis and evaluation of the financial and operational consequences of the acquisition of the British Gas (BG) Group by Royal Dutch Shell PLC‘. She passed and graduated in the November 2017 session. 

Let us share her journey on this topic as well as some brief details on her Coaching Classes for this topic. Her insight on the approach for this topic will be posted as a part of our ‘Write to us‘ campaign.

For each topic of OBU, mytuitons runs Coach Classes that provides information on how to carry out research for the topic and the theoretical framework surrounding that topic.
First thing first, The Topic’s Subject:

This topic is all about Mergers & Acquisitions. In the first coach class you get to know all about just that. Although the terms are used interchangeably, there are differences in the concept and it is vital to understand the difference and similarities between the two before moving ahead. In a merger, two or more companies are combined into one, where only the acquiring company retains its identity. With a consolidation, two or more companies combine to create a new company. None of the consolidation firms legally survive. Why is it vital to understand this? Well, in order to choose your organisation of interest, you need to know if its a merger or acquire case. The coach class 1 gives you the insight of making such a judgement. 

Our mytuitions database also has numbers of resources where candidates can read about Mergers & Acquisition in theory and practice. 

In the second coach class, you learn about the consequences of M&A, specifically Financial consequences. We teach about what they are, what they mean and how do you recognize them. Followed by this is the third class on Operational consequences which are also the main challenge in the whole topic. You learn what they are and how you set measures for them. In the past our candidates have loved the details on ‘synergy’ and how to measure it for M&A.

During each coach class, we tell you what the existing research says about the topic. The relating research materials and articles are available on the mytuitions database for candidates to review later. 

In the fourth class, data gathering is the focus. From statistics measures to setting the sample size, we talk all about the strategies you need to set for data gathering including possible limitation you can face during research on a topic such as this. In the last (fifth) class, the topic of interest is the Ratios and their analysis. You get to understand the ratios and how to use them for analyzing consequences in a M&A. 

Once you have these coach class, you will be in a better position to plan for your Oxford Brookes RAP project and will know what kind of points to discuss with your mentor. The idea of the coach class is to help you overcome the weaknesses you might have in knowledge area and in practical understanding of the topic. 

Interested to join? or want to know the details on Coach Classes for other RAP topics? Contact us for details. Don’t forget to share and like!


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